"Dacic is lying to both Brussels and Moscow" - LDP leader

LDP leader Cedomir Jovanovic has accused Foreign Minister and ruling SPS leader Ivica Dacic of "continuing his politicking showdown with the opposition."

Source: Tanjug
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

According to Jovanovic, "Dacic's red herring about the LDP working against the interests of Serbia" represents a "shameful act."

The LDP leader reacted in this way after Dacic said Jovanovic was carrying out the orders received from the West when he pushed the issue of Serbia "choosing between Russia and the EU."

Jovanovic said that Dacic "cannot understand that his irresponsible statements harm only Serbia and its interests," and that it is "not surprising that the greatest resistance to such behavior and actions comes from the LDP."

According to the leader of the opposition party, it was a red herring to say the LDP is working against the interests of Serbia because it is warning citizens about the indecision in the country's foreign policy, and characterized the accusation as "a shameful act and an attempt pf Dacic to, by accusing other people, get citizens to forget his activities in the past 25 years and a policy whose direct and indirect victims are still being counted."

"Dacic does not seem to realize that the interests of Serbia cannot be defended by lying to Brussels in the morning, and to Moscow in the afternoon, for the sake of surviving politically - which according to Dacic represents the pinnacle of political and diplomatic wisdom," Jovanovic stressed, according to a statement issued by the LDP.

He said that the policy of "sitting on two chairs" is now entering its uncertain finale where Serbia "with all its internal difficulties and the foggy foreign policy situation can no longer be a ground for provoking the West whenever somebody in Russia finds an interest in that."

"The erroneous Kosovo policy has become a cause, but also an excuse for our further wandering, but today every wrong move and the stalling in the talks with the EU is being justified by saying we're doing it for the sake of supporting Russia, which has its legitimate interests in Serbia, which does not mean that they automatically coincide with ours," said Jovanovic.

He believes that Serbia "needs a clear policy - an unambiguous path toward the EU, redefining its relations with Russia, and a demarcation of mutual interests, because any other policy carries political and security uncertainties."

"That's what must be told to the people of Serbia, instead of hiding behind the petty political showdowns with the opposition," said Jovanovic, and added:

"Transferring responsibility to the opposition and pointing the finger at those who warn in good faith of the mistakes you're making, along with the well-known stories about 'who is working for whom' and 'what the real intentions of someone are' show that individuals from the authorities still do not understand anything, frozen in those years when they led Serbia into the deep problems from which they are today removing it by using similar policies and actions."


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