"West wants to separate us from Russia because of Kosovo"

Belgrade will make maximum efforts in its dialogue Pristina - "but we will not give Serbia away - not for anything," SPS leader Ivica Dacic has said.

Source: Tanjug

Dacic, who serves as the first deputy prime minister and foreign minister, spoke at a party event on Sunday, noting that there was "absolute agreement" with PM Aleksandar Vucic when it comes to this policy.

"We are in favor of stability, we will make maximum efforts for the dialogue, but we will not give Serbia away, not for anything, because we are the government of the Republic of Serbia. In that sense there is absolute agreement between Aleksandar Vucic and me, that is, between the SNS and the SPS," he said.

Dacic also stated that Serbia will never make unilateral moves and that LDP leader Cedomir Jovanovic "called him out for taking Serbia backward," while this opposition politician wants Serbia "to declare itself, Russia or the EU."

But such demands, according to Dacic, are actually coming from the West.

"Cedo (Cedomir), don't challenge (us). If you're going to put that issue to a referendum - everyone knows what the answer will be. Where does he live, and for whom does he work," Dacic said of Jovanovic.

Addressing his party's Belgrade Committee on the 26th anniversary of its founding, the SPS leader also noted that Serbia "has the possibility of its friends, China and russia, vetoing Kosovo's UN membership."

"Russia is supposed to veto Kosovo's entry, while we, according to Ceda, should impose sanctions on Russia. He's not talking against Russia, but against Serbia, because that move means Kosovo would enter the UN," said Dacic.

He believes that "such demands" have been "ordered" by Western countries in order to "separate" Serbia from Russia - but again, "not because of Russia, but to solve the problem of Kosovo and Metohija more easily."

Speaking about his party's cooperation with Vucic's SNS, Dacic said that "a stable Serbia has been created, and membership negotiations with the EU launched."

According to Dacic, "the goal is not only for Serbia to join the EU, but also to protect our national and state interests."


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