Nikolić: Serbia may shut its border as well

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić said that Serbia will have to close its border, should the countries of the European Union choose not to accept the migrants.

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Foto: Tanjug
Foto: Tanjug

“Everyone who closes the border behind us, creates a danger of making us a funnel that cannot channel the water, which would mean that we would have to, regardless of our beliefs and wishes, close our border for the migrants without any delay, because this is not the country they wanted to be and live in, in the first place”, Nikolić said.

He also said that, if the EU decides to send the migrants back, Serbia has no obligation of accepting them.

"We do not have that obligation, if they decide to send one million people back to Serbia. They can jump over Serbia, fly over, and drive people to the place from which they initially invited them to come, lured them to come, made them come", said Nikolić.

He added that, if the EU was not “angry with” Hungary for the way they treated migrants, it will not be angry with Serbia either.

Nikolić said that Belgrade negotiates with Brussels on day-to-day basis, and that Serbia needs no more than 5,000 or 6,000 accommodation places for migrants.

He underlined that it is hard to believe that Serbia is the first country to register migrants on the Balkan route, “as if they fell from the sky”.


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