PM at UNGA: Serbia is pillar of stability in Balkans

PM Aleksandar Vucic said in his address to the UN General Assembly he is "proud of the fact that our country is the holder of stability in the Balkans."

Source: B92,

According to the Serbian government, he added that this would "continue to be so in the coming decades."

Vucic said that the Western Balkans region faces the possible instability, and that therefore it needs peace, understanding, trust and reconciliation.

According to Vucic, the situation in the Balkans has not improved much after 25 years, whereby it is necessary to make a lot more effort and invest time and political will to overcome the disputes and conflicts of the past.

In this context he pointed out that Serbia has made a decision not to answer to provocations, and confirmed that it will do so in the future, even if some continue with insults.

The prime minister said that in some countries of the Western Balkans there is even more hatred than before, but that Serbia has managed to preserve peace and will continue to do so.

Our country insists on economic development, Vucic underlined, adding that political relations should be preserved in a different way than before.

In the field of the economy, he added, Serbia has achieved good results since it has a surplus in the budget, and after the crisis, the percentage of growth is three percent this year, while next year it will be more.

When compared with some countries of Asia and Africa, it is not much, but it is more than the average growth in Europe, the prime minister said.

Serbia supports multilateralism. This can be achieved if we all act in a spirit of cooperation and compromise, the prime minister added.

He said that political will is the first step in this direction, but that more activities and measures must follow, as this is the only way forward in a world of interdependence.

He also highlighted the readiness of Serbia to continue talks with Kosovo Albanians and create a common future.

At the same time, Vucic conveyed gratitude to all countries that were on the side of international law and did not support the unilaterally proclaimed independence of Kosovo.

We are deeply grateful to you members of the UN who supported the UN Charter, he said, expressing hope that the situation in Kosovo and Metohija will not be a source of instability in the future.

The prime minister also mentioned the danger of terrorism, stating that there are many things that can threaten sustainable development.

He warned that in some countries of the Western Balkans there are terrorist cells, but also underlined that Serbia will do everything to fight against this evil.

Addressing the representatives of the UN member states, he urged to find a comprehensive solution to the migrant crisis which the entire world is facing.


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