"Montenegro and Kosovo in dispute over Serbian territory"

Montenegro has unfortunately recognized Kosovo as independent, and now Podgorica and Pristina are in dispute over a piece of territory that belongs to neither.

Source: Sputnik

This is what Milovan Drecun (SNS), chairman of the Serbian Assembly's Committee on Kosovo and Metohija, has told Sputnik.

Instead this territory - the subject of a contentious demarcation agreement - belongs to the Republic of Serbia, Drecun said.

Kosovo's government on Thursday withdrew a draft law designed to ratify the agreement, as Serb List members of the Kosovo Assembly failed to show up. A day earlier they announced they would not take part in the session for security reasons.

During that time, protesters gathered near the parliament building noisily and with chants and shouts of "victory!" welcomed the news that the draft had been withdrawn from the agenda. There were no incidents, Sputnik is reporting.

"Security of those who belong to a community other than Albanian is always threatened, primarily we are talking about the Serb people. The anger of demonstrators during such protests can be directed toward non-Albanians, that is, toward Serbs, and simply, there is always the risk that this kind of protest can turn into violence and endanger the safety of everyone," he told the Russian agency.

Drecun also pointed out "that is that the same tactic is being applied when it comes to the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO)."

"It's a transparent tactic, which unfortunately brings results in favor of Albanians," said Drecun said, and stressed that "Albanians are still trying to exert strong pressure on a part of the international community, especially Brussels, possibly Washington, to meet their demands, by making threats of violence and protests."

Drecun also believes that "Montenegrin President (sic) Milo Djukanovic did all he could against the interests of the state of Serbia and the Serbian people, including the biggest blow dealt when he recognized Kosovo as a state."

Drecun believes that the Montenegrin prime minister "now has to deal with the consequences."

Commenting on a recent trip Kosovo President Hashim Thaci made to Jarinje - a checkpoint on the administrative line between Kosovo and central Serbia - Drecun said that Thaci "should find himself in an indictment of the Special Court for war crimes committed by the KLA." The first indictments can be expected by the end of the month and that will once again give rise to protests in Kosovo and to a destabilization of the region, Drecun concluded.


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