"Skanderbeg in Nis? We must have Donald Duck in Bujanovac"

Jonuz Musliu's announced raising of a monument to Skanderbeg in Nis has been described by the city's mayor as "a political attack aimed at Serbia's stability."

Source: Beta
Nis (Wikipedia)
Nis (Wikipedia)

"This is a purely political attack, which is completely unnecessary at this point and which focuses on everything that Serbia is now criticized for," said Mayor Zoran Perisic.

He also pointed out that the city has not received any initiative to build a monument dedicated to the Albanian national figure.

"I think it is out of place to talk about raising monuments in others' environments. As far as I know history, and I know it pretty well, Skanderbeg no serious historical ties with the city," the mayor said.

Perisic added that there are "hundreds more people" in Nis - the largest city in Serbia's southern area - who have more connections with Bujanovac than Skanderbeg had with Nis.

Bujanovac, Presevo, and Medvedja are three municipalities in southern Serbia with the largest ethnic Albanian population in Serbia, outside of Kosovo.

The mayor continued: "Then we will have to, as a matter of reciprocity, ask that a monument is raised to some prominent Nis resident in Bujanovac - or build a monument to some American hero, starting from Donald Duck all the way to Bruce Lee."

The Bujanovac Municipal Assembly recently passed a decision to rename the town's Karadjordjev Square, named after the founder of the modern Serbian state, to "Skanderbeu Square."

According to the Bujanovacke Vesti newspaper, quoted by Beta agency, Musliu - who heads the National Council of Albanians in Serbia - said on the occasion that although there are no Albanians in Nis, Skanderbeg should have his monument there - "because on November 3, 1443, he, with some 300 horsemen, saved the Serbs in Nis from Ottoman invaders."


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