Watermelons smashed against Communal Police HQ

Photographs of watermelons smashed against the entrance to the Belgrade Communal Police HQ have been published online on Friday.

Source: B92

"As a symbolic gesture against the violence of the representatives of the authorities, and of their units, we brought 200 kilograms of watermelons in front of the seat of the Communal Police in Belgrade," the Don't Drown Belgrade initiative said on Facebook.

This group has been organizing protests over the Savamala demolitions in Belgrade, that have been attracting thousands of people. One of the demands presented during these protests has been the resignation of Communal Police chief Nikola Ristic.

Their message posted on the social network on Friday further reads:

"None of the communal police officers came outside, obviously realizing their own responsibility and the need to face it. We expect Nikola Ristic to resign and many unacceptable actions of the Communal Police done since its founding to be investigated."

All this comes after a watermelon vendor died after collapsing in a Belgrade green market on Wednesday. This happened as members of the Communal Police asked for his ID.

Citizens' Ombudsman in Belgrade Katarina Zezelj launched proceedings to determine where the officers had overstepped their authority - something that the Communal Police denied in a statement issued on Wednesday.


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