Moscow expects Vucic will be true to his word

Russia's ambassador in Belgrade says he hopes Serbia's new government will be able to accomplish the big tasks related to developing Russo-Serbian relations.

Source: Politika, Tanjug
(Getty Images, file)
(Getty Images, file)

In addition, Aleksandar Chepurin noted that his country has a lot of trust in the Serbian leaders' statements about the country's aspirations to strengthen ties with Russia.

"It is certainly not in our tradition to impose decisions concerning internal political solutions. And that's a fact," said Chepurin.

"We proceed from there being persons in the future government who will be capable of two things - taking care of the national interests of Serbia, and of the welfare of citizens of Serbia. And, in addition, we have full confidence in the declarations of the Serbian leadership about strengthening ties with Russia in the spirit of the strategic partnership," Chepurin told Belgrade-based Politika newspaper.

Asked if that means Aleksandar Vucic is expected to keep his word, the diplomat answered in the affirmative.

"Therefore, we hope that members of the new government will be able to accomplish big tasks related to the development of Russo-Serbian relations. And, it's important that Serbia itself, above all, is interested in the realization of these tasks, in the economic, political and spiritual sphere," stressed Chepurin.

Speaking about the recent meeting in Moscow between Vucic and Russian leader Vladimir Putin, Chepurin said that their conversation, that took place within Vucic's private visit, was "very comprehensive, allowing consideration of important issues of bilateral relations and their prospects to be discussed openly."

The ambassador added that he can say "unequivocally" that Russia is satisfied with the results of the meeting and of the talks, singling out as "the most important thing" the fact the leader of the party that won the Serbian elections "confirmed the continuity of the Serbian-Russian cooperation, mutual aspiration to deepen relations in all fields, especially in the economic sphere."

He recalled that shortly after the meeting "an important positive signal came regarding the regime of free trade between Serbia and the Eurasian Economic Union," and then asked "who is bothered if these conditions Russia and Serbia, or China and the EEU want to establish relationships that can help economic development."

The ambassador stressed that Serbia is no less interested in developing bilateral relations, and that this could be prevented "only by some paranoid Russophobes."

"But I do not see such people in the government of Serbia. We will work with mutual respect, so that our peoples can live in peace and prosperity," said Chepurin.


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