94 percent of Albanians, other non-Serbs opposed to ZSO

According to a poll presented in Pristina, 94 percent of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo and other non-Serb minorities are opposed to the formation of the ZSO.

Source: Beta

The Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO) in Kosovo is envisaged in the Brussels agreement reached during EU-sponsored Belgrade-Pristina dialogue.

Beta agency is reporting on Tuesday that the survey, dubbed "Public Pulse" and prepared by UNDP in Kosovo and USAID, also found that 69 percent of Serbs support the formation of the community "strongly or somewhat strongly."

At the same time, 94 percent of ethnic Albanians and members of other ethnicities said they "strongly or somewhat strongly" oppose its establishment.

According to the poll, 32 percent of Albanians and 29 percent of Serbs believe that the ZSO "allows Serbian institutions to continue existing in Kosovo."

35 percent of Albanians declared that the ZSO would represent "segregation of Kosovo into Albanian and Serb sections" - an opinion shared by only 17 percent of Serbs.

Six percent of Albanians think the Community would be "equivalent" to the Serb Republic (RS) in Bosnia-Herzegovina, while 20 percent of Serbs think it would mark "the end of Serbian Institutions in Kosovo."

Around four percent of Albanians said the Community would have "an insignificant impact on Kosovo’s development, while 48 percent of other ethnicities said its formation was not relevant to their lives.

According to the poll, 62.5 percent of Serbs, 56 percent of ethnic Albanians, and 52.5 percent of "others" think the Brussels agreement on normalization of relations "will be of high importance."

Nearly 54 percent of Albanians and about 25 percent of Serbs said that "the agreement on border demarcation between Montenegro and Kosovo is the most important issue to be discussed at, and finalized through the Brussels agreement."


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