"Croatia for years obstructing bilateral discussions"

Croatia has been obstructing discussions on open bilateral issues with Serbia for years, says Ivica Dacic, foreign minister in Serbia's caretaker government.

Source: Danas, Tanjug
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

After a recent meeting in Sarajevo by Serbian and Croatian presidents, one of the conclusions was that problems in relations between two countries should be discussed, "and teams formed to do that," Belgrade-based Danas daily has reported.

However, Dacic said that commissions that were supposed to deal with these problems had been set up several years ago, "but are not working."

Croatia is obstructing the discussions with the argumentation that the problems cannot be solved by commissions, but that the discussions must be raised to political level, Dacic said.

Asked whether "this has been done" - i.e., whether state secretaries or deputy foreign ministers had met in the meanwhile, Dacic said they had not, adding that this would not happen for the time being.


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