Dveri Movement leader: Parade offends public morality

Dveri Movement leader Bosko Obradovic has said that sexual orientation is not a human right, and that he will not support Belgrade Pride Parade.

Source: B92, Tanjug
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

Responding to an invitation to defend the rights to assembly and the human rights of LGBT persons, he also described the former issue as "an irrelevant and forced topic."

"Sexual orientation is not a human right and it is undignified to reduce a person's personality to their sexuality. We are ready to discuss everything, but we are not ready to change our political position under the influence of powerful lobbies," he told the N1 broadcaster.

Obradovic added he "respects their presence in the joint fight against electoral theft" and that he was "ready to support anyone suffering any kind of discrimination" but stressed that "the gay parade is an irrelevant and forced issue."

He mentioned birth rate, the "catastrophic" state of Serbia's agriculture, and the problems of bank clients who took out loans indexed in Swiss francs as "more important topics, ones that have been marginalized."

The Dveri leader noted that homosexuals are "living and working quite freely in our society," and asked, "what is the problem?"

He then added that, modeled on Russia's law, his party would propose legislation that would ban promotion of homosexualism aimed at minors.

"The gay parade offends Serbia's public morality and is only the first step toward parading through other spheres of the system. Their goal is not the gay parade nor to gather together, but to rule schoolbooks, schools, media, politics, legislature... And the final goal is to legalize same-sex marriage and be allowed to adopt children," Obradovic said.

The party also said that Pride Parade promoters are receiving "huge (financial) means from abroad to impose the ideology of homosexualism - altough not even a majority of the LGBT population supports them."


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