Party urges Serbian authorities to sue Croatia for genocide

The Serb People's Party (SNP) has asked the Serbian authorities to urgently file a genocide lawsuit against Croatia "before international and national courts."

Source: Tanjug
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The party, led by Nenad Popovic, is a member of the pre-election coalition gathered around the Progressives (SNS) that recently entered parliament on their election list.

In a statement issued on Friday, the SNP said that Croatia is "the undisputed successor of the NDH and the youngest member of the EU."

The Independent State of Croatia (NDH) was a Nazi-allied entity ruled by the Ustasha regime, that existed from 1941 until 1945.

The SNP said their request came on the 75th anniversary of the signing by NDH Interior Minister Andrija Artukovic of an order, known as RAVSIGUR - which represented "the legal basis" for outlawing some two million Serbs and tens of thousands of Jews and Roma.

It is known, said the statement, that the statute of limitations does not apply to the crime of genocide, and that extermination of the non-Croat population in the territory of the NDH was a planned, systematically designed and implemented enterprise, "as evidenced by the names of the first legal acts brought by the Ustasha regime in the spring of 1941."

These were legal provisions relating to issues such as "race, protection of Aryan blood and honor of the Croatian people, work of the Racial-Political Commission, order on determining race of government and self-government officials and of holders of free academic titles, and order on employment of women in non-Aryan households."

On the other hand, said in the SNP, the NDH adopted an order on a privileged legal position of "the German ethnic group" in its territory.

The statement added that Ante Pavelic, the head ("poglavnik") of the NDH, an entity that killed almost a million Serbs, died ten years after the the Second World War "safe exile in the West" while the name of Pavelic's ideologue and role model, "the father of the Croatian nation" Ante Starcevic - known for saying that "Serbs should be treated like animals" - still adorns squares and cities across "the European Croatia."

The party concluded by saying that had Croatia been put on trial for genocide after WW2, "genocide would not have been repeated in the early 1990s - and the latest epilogue for the Serbian people would not have been so tragic: according to the 1991census there were 600,000 Serbs in Croatia, while a decade later, there were only 200,000."


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