Commissioner says he doesn't perceive "message" as "threat"

Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection Rodoljub Sabic on Wednesday revealed that he "feels safe."

Source: Beta, Tanjug
Sabic is seen in Belgrade on Wednesday (Tanjug)
Sabic is seen in Belgrade on Wednesday (Tanjug)

He added that he does not perceive a messages he received previously as a threat.

His comments came after media reported on Tuesday about his tweet posted earlier, in which he stated that the message was: "Continue to show interest in the action of people in balaclavas and you will get a chance to meet them."

The reference concerns Sabic's call on the authorities to investigate who was involved in a recent illegal demolition of buildings in Hercegovacka St. in Belgrade's Savamala neighborhood, carried out by masked persons.

Speaking on Wednesday after a debate dedicated to protection of journalists' privacy and sources, Sabic said that the police, acting on the orders of the prosecution, asked him to make a statement "on the circumstances that he cited on Twitter."

"I told them that I feel safe and do not perceive it as a threat," he said, adding, "everything needs to be investigated."

Sabic then explained that the message he quoted on Twitter was "spoken in a public place which he frequents," and specified: "It wasn't said accidentally, because it was known that it would be relayed to me."

"All this should not deflect the attention from the real question, and that is who demolished the buildings in Savamala and who the people in balaclavas were," said Sabic.

Also on Wednesday, the Higher Public Prosecution announced that Sabic refused to cooperate with the police in finding the person who threatened him.

The prosecution added that despite this, they will continue to work with the police to identify the unknown person.


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