Ethnic Hungarian party "may be sole SNS coalition partner"

SNS leader Aleksandar Vucic said on Wednesday that other than the SVM, his party "may not have other partners in the republic (state) parliament."

Source: Tanjug

A coalition with the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (SVM) would give the Progressives (SNS) a majority of 135 deputies, Vucic remarked, speaking in the town of Indjija.

That is "the only certain thing for now," the prime minister of the outgoing government said, adding that "the rest remains to be seen."

He added that Serbia will get a new government at the latest 15 days after the National Assembly has been constituted. Earlier this week, he said this would happen after the party's own assembly, scheduled for May 28.

The National Assembly must hold its first sitting within 30 days of the publishing of final election results. The legal deadline to form a new government is 90 days after the assembly has been constituted.

As for the assembly of the province of Vojvodina, Vucic said the SNS would "undoubtedly try to create an even broader coalition,W and added, "I don't claim the same when it comes to Serbia."


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