Agreements reached in technical Kosovo talks

Milovan Drecun says "the team of PM Aleksandar Vucic, led by Marko Djuric" in the technical Kosovo talks "achieved a great diplomatic victory in Brussels."

Izvor: Tanjug

"According to my information, the Pristina delegation behaved inappropriately and made a series of insults and even open threats at the Serbian delegation, intended to force them to give up on some solutions, which would have been to the detriment of our interests," Drecun told state broadcaster RTS.

The Serbian delegation, continued the chair of the National Assembly's Committee on Kosovo and Metohija, "received EU's support which resulted in a big diplomatic victory and the defense interests of the Serbian people, and a status-neutral solution."

Asked whether these agreements will now be implemented on the ground, he said they would - "because Serbia's firm stance is clear, and Pristina has started to suffer great pressure from Brussels and Washington as it imposes artificial obstacles."

Drecun added that Kosovo Office Director Marko Djuric would travel to Kosovo tomorrow "to sen whether what has been agreed is being implemented, and as soon as on Monday whether the agreement on the passage of trucks is being implemented."

"In the coming period Pristina will try to neutralize that negative effect and come out with a proposal of their solutions. It remains to be seen how dedicated they will be," said Drecun.

Speaking about the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO), he said that Pristina can no longer find reasons not to form it, and that the Serb people in Kosovo "recognize it is the best solution to build a future without hatred and violence."

"All that remains is for Albanians, as the majority community in Kosovo, to recognize its significance," concluded Drecun.

Speaking earlier, Marko Djuric said the negotiations on Tuesday in Brussels lasted 18 hours. According to him, the result is that ID cards issued by Serbian authorities will continue to be used in Kosovo as before - adding that "talks about ID cards will continue in the coming period."

An agreement has beenb reached regarding transportation of hazardous materials, he continued, with Pristina's blockade of trucks coming from central Serbia due to end on April 25.

Serbia's early parliamentary elections a day earlier will be held in Kosovo "according to the same model used in 2014, with the presence of the OSCE," said Djuric.

He added that "there would be no ban on entry" for Serbian officials and that he would tomorrow visit Kosovo "in the most normal possible way."


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