Radical Kosovo activists overturn truck with Serbian goods

Activists of the Self-Determination Party have overturned a truck carrying Serbian goods sold in Kosovo.

Source: RTS

The incident happened on Thursday, near the town of Podujevo.

Albanian language website 24 Ore is reporting that the truck was overturned "in response to Serbia's refusal to accept Kosovo textbooks in Presevo, Bujanovac, and Medvedja."

The party also announced that "Serbia is economically using Kosovo 16 years after the war, the massacres, the widespread destruction," and that it "continues with the blackmail with the help of the Serb minority, attempting to build a state within a state project of the Community of Serb Municipalities."

The party said they would continue with their "activities" until the Republic of Serbia accepts "reciprocity with the Republic of Kosovo."

"They don't allow our textbooks, we won't accept their products," said a statement.

The textbooks in question were sent back to Pristina several days ago because no permit was issued to distribute them.

The Self-Determination, an opposition party in Kosovo, has attacked trucks carrying Serbian goods in the past. For several months now they have been disrupting the work of the assembly in Pristina and caused unrest in the streets.


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