"Tanjug continues to operate in Serbia's virtual reality"

Anti-Corruption Council member Miroslava Milenovic has said that the public "ought to know what is happening with the Tanjug news agency."

Source: Beta
(Tanjug, file)
(Tanjug, file)

The Beta news agency noted in its report on Monday that although Tanjug was shut down by the government last November, it continues to operate.

"The state must introduce order and we must all know what is happening with Tanjug," Milenovic told Beta.

She also "stressed there are many questions about the manner of work of that agency, which remain without answers," adding that she "certainly has not seen a new government decision that would have revived the company Tanjug."

"As far as Tanjug is concerned, that's the virtual reality of the Serbia where we live. It's a media outlet that has been shut down, and had funds set aside for, and which continues to work," she noted.

Milenovic also believes it is uncertain "which company we talk about now - that is, whether it's a private company located in Tanjug's premises, or some virtual company."

"We know little, and assume a lot to be able to make any conclusion," said Milenovic.

Beta's report noted that the government decided to shut down the state-owned media after twice failing to privatize it, and that although the employees received severance money, the agency continues broadcasting news.


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