"Sanders and Vucic share campaign adviser - and slogan"

American political consultant Tad Devine will likely once again advise Serbia's ruling SNS party in their election campaign, writes a Belgrade-based daily.

Source: Blic
Supporters of Bernie Sanders (Tanjug/AP, file)
Supporters of Bernie Sanders (Tanjug/AP, file)

According to Blic, Devine is currently working in the team of Bernie Sanders, who is trying to win a nomination of the Democratic Party to run in U.S. presidential elections later this year.

Devine in 2014 advised the party led by Aleksandar Vucic during their elections campaign that ended with the SNS winning 48,35 percent of the vote (1.73 million votes.)

The paper said that the Sanders campaign is using "the same slogan" the SNS used in 2014 - "A future to believe in."

The 2014 SNS campaign slogan was "A future we believe in."

The article also noted that the rating of Sanders "practically doubled in the past two months, making him a serious contender" in the nomination race with Hillary Clinton.

"It is almost certain Vucic will once again hire Devine to work with him and the SNS in the upcoming general election. Although the Progressives (SNS) enjoy a big advantage in opinion polls, Vucic obviously won't leave anything to chance when it comes to elections," the paper concluded.


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