DS leader: Vucic will lose in case of high turnout

Bojan Pajtic has said that the pro-European opposition will do everything to make sure that two thirds of voters turn out for early parliamentary elections.

Source: Beta, Tanjug
(Beta, file)
(Beta, file)

Pajtic is the leader of the Democratic Party (DS) that is in opposition at state level, and in power in Vojvodina, where he heads the provincial government. Serbia is due to hold local, provincial, and early parliamentary elections in the spring.

"(PM and ruling SNS leader) Aleksandar Vucic has achieved a result and won a parliamentary majority thanks to the huge number of dissatisfied citizens of Serbia who abstained, therefore we will do everything so that two thirds of citizens of Serbia turn out for the election," Pajtic told reporters after a meeting of the shadow cabinet on Friday.

Asked about "the manner of participating" in the polls, he said the pro-European opposition agreed about "controlling the election, and that the current regime must go" - while the issue of uniting or going separately "depends on what will bring more votes."

"If at least two-thirds of citizens of Serbia turn out for the election, Aleksandar Vucic will be the past," concluded Pajtic.


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