Serbian early elections "won't be held in Kosovo"

Edita Tahiri, a member of the Kosovo government in charge of dialogue, has "promised" that early Serbian parliamentary elections will not be held in Kosovo.

Source: Tanjug

Tahiri referred to announcements of Serbian officials who said that elections will be held in the territory of Kosovo as well as "propaganda that will not be realized."

In 2014, Belgrade, with the support of OSCE, opened ten polling stations in Kosovo where 107,958 Serbs were eligible to vote.

Tahiri, who is taking part in a new round of technical dialogue, said that the two sides "agreed to start implementing the agreement on recognition of diplomas starting on March 15."

"Entire territory"

Serbia's early parliamentary elections will be held on the territory of the entire country, Director of the Serbian governments Office for Kosovo and Metohija Marko Djuric said on Thursday.

Reacting to Kosovo minister for dialogue Edita Tahiri's statement, Djuric said that the questions concerning their holding would be decided on by the Republic Election Commission when the time came for that and that he expected the elections to be held in the whole country.


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