EU reacts to ruling on Community of Serb Municipalities

The EU "has acknowledged the position by the Constitutional Court of Kosovo on the Association/Community of Serb Municipalities," Beta reported on Tuesday.

Source: Beta

The European Union said in acknowledged the court's ruling that the community should be set up "in line with the agreement signed by Belgrade and Pristina," and was "expecting all sides to respect the decision."

Maja Kocijancic, a spokesperson for EU High Representative Federica Mogherini, also told the news agency that "a Kosovo government legal act can be passed promptly, allowing for the implementation of the Agreement and the Statute of the Community of Serb Municipalities arising from it."

Kocijancic said the next top-level meeting between Belgrade and Pristina was expected "early in 2016" and that the two sides are discussing different issues as part of the dialogue and normalization of their relations - "having agreed they should move forward in addressing all of them."

"Hence the expectation that the two sides will decide to what degree the Brussels agreement and the August agreement have been implemented," she said, Beta reported, noting that "the latter setting out the principles for the Community's statute."


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