Bosnian official: "Regional arming" given too much publicity

Denis Zvizdic said on Tuesday that "the story about the arming in the region" has been given "much more publicity than it is about real activities."

Source: Tanjug

The chairman of the Council of Minister of Bosnia-Herzegovina spoke in Novi Pazar, southwestern Serbia, after his meeting with Serbian Deputy PM and Trade and Communications Minister Rasim Ljajic.

He remarked that Bosnia-Herzegovina "does not have ballistic missiles."

"I think that everyone in the Western Balkans should respect the reality we live in and understand the perspectives of further development in that sector. Croatia is a NATO member and the buying of arms is probably a part of a program the alliance is conducting for its members," he said.

Tanjug quoted Zvizdic as saying that there was "no special intention only for Croatia."

He remarked that Serbia and Bosnia are not NATO members, and that Bosnia's policy is that of military neutrality - while the dynamics of its procurement of weapons and training of troops are "in line with the NATO accession procedure."

"Very quickly, in a few months, the action plan for NATO membership will be activated with the ultimate goal of Bosnia-Herzegovina becoming a member of this alliance," Zvizdic said.

"Excellent relations"

Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina have excellent economic relations, which is evident in Serbian products posting impressive export results, Rasim Ljajic said on Tuesday.

After his meeting Denis Zvizdic, he said that after Germany and Italy, Bosnia is the third largest market for Serbian products.

Ljajic voiced regret over the cancellation of a trilateral meeting of Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Zvizdic, adding that new concrete steps forward had been made in the trilateral economic cooperation.

Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina have agreed to open a joint tourism office in Istanbul in late January, he said, adding that they would have at their disposal a vast network of 150 Turkish economic representative offices across the world.


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