"Serbia must have answer to ballistic missiles in region"

If "someone" in the region is buying ballistic missiles, Serbia "will have to find an answer to that," Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has said.

Source: Sputnik

Asked whether Montenegro's future membership in NATO would threaten Serbia's security and whether the country can be a mediator in relations between Montenegro and Russia, "which are now somewhat strained," Vucic told Sputnik that Serbia "does not interfere in the wishes of other states."

"Serbia has its wish, and that is to be militarily neutral. It is our wish, we have a parliamentary declaration, we behave in that way. We do not interfere in what other countries want to do, we do not feel threatened on that issue," said Vucic.

According to him, there was talk with Serbia's partners in Moscow "about what was felt to be a problem for Serbia" - and that was "the case when some countries in our surroundings started ordering ballistic missiles".

Vucic said that Serbia "has the answer to armored howitzers" and similar weapons, but that he was was unclear on "why somebody in our region would be taking ballistic missiles," and that he believes this will be discussed in the future.

"Either they will give up on it, or we will have to find an answer to that, too," he said.

"But everyone chooses their destiny, everyone has the right to make their own decisions. Serbia has made its decision, and Serbia, as you see, is upholding its decision very strongly, very seriously, and I would say very honestly and responsibly. Montenegro has made its decision. We have excellent relations with the Russian Federation, we have very good relations with Montenegro. They have chosen their path, Serbia chooses its path," Vucic said.


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