Serbian Assembly, Russian Duma set up joint committee

The Serbian National Assembly and the Russian State Duma have set up an inter-parliamentary committee for cooperation between the two countries.

Source: Tanjug

It will serve to promote and deepen political, economic, social and cultural relations, it has been announced on Thursday.

The State Duma cooperates in this way with China, India, France, Italy, and several other countries in Russia's neighborhood, Tanjug reported.

The first meeting of the committee was opened in Moscow by the two parliaments' speakers, Maja Gojkovic and Sergei Naryshkin, discussing "strengthening political relations, European security and global politics, Kosovo and Metohija, trade and economic cooperation, cooperation in the field of agriculture, energy, future of bilateral ties in the fields of culture and education and cooperation in international organizations."

Speaking during his meeting with Gojkovic today, Naryshkin said that Serbia's EU integration "should not be blocking the development of its economic ties with Russia."

Russia has never requested that Serbia choose between Russia and the EU - it is important that the EU integration does not block the development of our relations, including economic relations, and I am sure that this is possible, TASS quoted Naryshkin as saying.

Russia understands and respects Serbia's wish to join the EU, Naryshkin said, reiterating Moscow's principled position on Kosovo, based on the norms of international law and, in particular, on UN Security Council Resolution 1244.


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