Kosovo minister: Goal of attacks was to kill, not intimidate

Murder, not intimidation was the goal of the recent attacks against Serbs in Gorazdevac and Srbobran in Kosovo, says Dalibor Jevtic.

Source: B92

Speaking for B92 late on Tuesday, this minister for returns and communities in the Kosovo government added:

"What has been happening in the past days is an obvious example of what we have been pointing out to for some time - there is the problem of instability in politics, that is being transferred to society as well."

According to Jevtic, opposition members of the Kosovo assembly wish to use violence to achieve their goals in the assembly and outside it, and thus "send a message to citizens that they, too, can achieve what they want in that way."

"People are scared. We have constant problems in (Serb) returnee locations, constantly the returnees are being targeted," he said.

According to this official, "unlike what most people think" the incidents in Gorazdevac and Srbobran represent "attempted murder," not intimidation:

"An example of using methods to achieve certain goals, and that is to kill people, to dissuade those who want to return."

Jevtic also told B92 that he spoke with Kosovo Prime Minister Isa Mustafa and "pointed out to the problems that could escalate."

His comments came after a series of incidents early on Monday in Gorazdevac, a Serb village and enclave in Metohija, when shots were fired at houses, cars, and a memorial to the victims of NATO's 1999 bombing, and to the children gunned down in 2003 at the nearby Bistrica River.

Several hours later a kiosk came under fire in Srbobran, Istok municipality. Eight shots were fired in total, five at the kiosk, while two Serbs were inside: owner Dana Simonovic, and a boy from the nearby returnee village of Skluvi Lukavac.


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