Journalist association demands minister's resignation

The Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia (NUNS) has expressed "astonishment over the inappropriate, sexist comment" made by Bratislav Gasic.

Source: B92

When the defense minister on Sunday saw a B92 correspondent in Trstenik crouching to keep out of the way of the cameras, he commented that he "liked (female) journalists who kneel so easily."

The Association of Journalists of Serbia (UNS) has also reacted, saying it was "flabbergasted by the vulgar outburst."

UNS added it was good that Gasic apologized to the reporter and to the public, but stressed that the sincerity of that apology "would have been more convincing if it happened instantly, before the scandal became public."

The association added it regretted the fact other reporters at the scene on Sunday failed to show solidarity toward their colleague, Zlatija Labovic, and instead continued recording the minister's statements.

NUNS for its part called on all media and journalists to "freeze all communication and boycott" Gasic and the events he is taking part in until he has been sacked from the government.

This association said it believed Gasic must be dismissed "after this rudeness that is the pinnacle of the disrespect of the journalistic profession, but also because of his previous mistakes, and even violations of the law."

Both NUNS and UNS have supported the initiative of some well-known journalists to organize a protest in front of the government building at 19:00 CET on Monday.


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