Serbia to open first EU chapters "in next few weeks"

Serbia will in the next few weeks open the first chapters in the accession negotiations with the EU, EU Delegation head Michael Davenport has said.

Source: Beta

"This is an extremely important moment in Serbia's path towards the EU. In the next few weeks, Serbia will open the first chapters in the accession negotiations," Davenport said at the presentation of a European program for financing small and medium enterprises, Beta reported.

This is in line with previous announcements that Serbia will open the chapters in December, almost two years after the official launch of the negotiations.

"That will open up an entirely new dialogue for 2016 about additional chapters in the process that are already the subject of discussion of member states on the basis of recommendations of the European Commission," said the head of the EU Delegation.

Serbia has so far been given the green light from EU member states to open chapter 32 chapters on financial control without additional conditions, that is, criteria, as well as the European Commission's recommendation for chapter 35 dealing with normalization of relations with Pristina.

The procedure is well underway also for chapters 23 and 24, on justice and rights, the agency said.


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