Serbian PM "expects EU to react" to Pristina's moves

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic says Belgrade "expects Brussels to react" to Pristina's announcement of suspension of the agreement regarding the ZSO.

Source: Tanjug

According to this, Pristina's authorities will suspend the agreement that concerns the formation of the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO) in Kosovo until further notice.

Speaking on Thursday in Moscow after his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he "informed about the latest developments," Vucic said it was a decision that "brings up many questions, including those of essential and strategic importance for the Republic of Serbia."

Vucic remarked that the news about the delay in the formation of the ZSO came "only a day after Pristina was effectively rewarded with the signing of the SAA (with the EU), without doing what it obligated itself to do under the Brussels agreement."

The Serbian prime minister noted that "40 percent of the Brussels agreement concerns the ZSO" and that "it was the only thing that Belgrade asked for, with the goal of protecting Serbs in Kosovo," adding that "Pristina got the SAA" before Belgrade opened any chapters in its EU membership negotiations - but "anyway did not react negatively to that."

However, Vucic explained, the announcement that the formation of the ZSO would be suspended is something "that no longer concerns only Pristina, but also Brussels":

"It opens much wider, bigger, and larger questions than the attitude of Pristina... this is imposing other, much more important, and much more open questions on us, ones that we must consider - whether it pays to be honest and responsible, fulfill one's obligations, without being rewarded for it - or if it's better not to fulfill anything, and still be rewarded... not to mention other issues, that are being opened here, and which I would not like to bring up today."

Vucic announced that Serbia's state leadership will meet "to assess what all this means" - from the point of view of the country's "essential and strategic interests."

Earlier in the day, Director of the Kosovo Office Marko Djuric said Pristina was "trampling on the Brussels agreement with its latest moves. He also said that from November 1, Pristina intends to ban entry to Kosovo for vehicles with registration plates issued by the Serbian Interior Ministry and replace ID cards with "some kind of entry-exit documents."


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