Pristina "trampled on Brussels agreement" - Djuric

Marko Djuric said on Thursday Pristina created "a big international scandal" with its initiative "to assess the constitutionality of the Brussels agreement."

Source: Beta

The director of the Serbian government's Kosovo Office also added, according to a Beta agency report, that Pristina "trampled on the agreement" - reached in 2013 during the Brussels-based, EU-sponsored Kosovo talks - "and threw it under the feet."

Djuric said that the aim of assessing the constitutionality was in fact "to obstruct and prevent the formation of the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO)," and announced the Serbian government will discussed the issue when it meets on Friday.

He added that he has already spoken with representatives of Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija, and that Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic will speak with representatives of the international community and "a delegation from Brussels" that will arrive here on Friday.

"This represents not one, but three steps back in the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina, and it must not go without EU's reaction, which is the guarantor of the agreement," Djuric told reporters in the Serbian government.

He added that Serbia "cannot and must not" remain silent and that at tomorrow's meeting of the government will specify "concrete steps."

Djuric said it was agreed on August 25 in Brussels that Pristina will pass a regulation on the establishment of the ZSO, and that "the assessment of the constitutionality of that regulation was made possible - but not of the whole agreement."

"Why has the government in Pristina not adopted the regulation, don't tell me it's because Albin Kurti and some other bandits have been throwing tear gas in parliament -should we now also come up with some Kurti to be throwing tear gas here, and refer to that as the reason not to implement any international obligation - would the international community tolerate Serbia?," Djuric asked.

He then pointed out that Pristina has not met most of its commitments under the Brussels agreement, "not only when it comes to the formation of the ZSO, but also the integration of the members of the police, recognition of university diplomas and an agreement regarding Peace Park (in Kosovska Mitrovica)."

"Serbia will persevere in the fight to protect its people and for the agreements reached to respected to the end," said Djuric.


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