"Important Vucic-Izetbegovic conversation, far from cameras"

The sincere conversation Bakir Izetbegovic and Aleksandar Vucic had in Belgrade was "the biggest event, creating room for true reconciliation."

Source: Tanjug

That is what Serb member of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina Mladen Ivanic told the Sarajevo daily Oslobodjenje.

That conversation, according to Ivanic, occurred "far beyond the reach of cameras and journalists" and is "opening up space not yet a guarantee, if things continue like this, that genuine reconciliation, especially between Serbs and Bosniaks, could take place."

Ivanic, however, did not want to speak about the details of this conversation.

He also described Wednesday's visit of the Bosnian Presidency to Belgrade as "very pleasant."

"It was really a sincere and warm welcome, not because (the weather) was hot, it really was a warm welcome, in which Belgrade clearly wanted to show, to make an effort to be a good host," said Ivanic.

Presumably, he continued, there are two reasons for it - "to cover that negative image in relations after the events (attack on Vucic) in Potocari, and in a way I suppose there was also that desire to show a somewhat different picture, compared to those events in terms of the organization, the welcome."

"And Belgrade really is a remarkable host, Mr. Vucic in particular. I would not even assign importance to occasional comments, such as, why the Presidency went at the invitation of the prime minister and things like that," said Ivanic.

He "considers it extremely important that the visit took place," and noting all the important topics regarding cooperation possibilities between the two countries, told the paper that "his relationship with RS President Milorad Dodik was also discussed, and that the Serbian prime minister said it very clearly he has no intention of interfering in the internal affairs of the RS."

"And he does not do it," Ivanic, who heads an opposition party in the Serb entity in Bosnia, said.

Speaking about the announced referendum in the RS on the work of judicial institutions of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ivanic said:

"Dodik is a serious politician, regardless of the fact that I disagree with him, he has too much adventurism in him, but will certainly think twice. He has received clear messages, and there's also time."


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