MoD denies Serbian soldiers are taking part in Ukraine drill

The Serbian Ministry of Defense on Monday denied the reports that said Serbian Army soldiers are taking part in a military exercise in western Ukraine.

Source: Beta

Soldiers from 17 countries are participating in the exercise, the Beta news agency is reporting.

"Members of the Serbian Army are not taking part in the Fearless Guardian military exercise in Ukraine," said the Serbian MoD.

Ukrainian General Oleksandr Sivak said earlier that his country and the U.S. launched extensive military maneuvers in western Ukraine, near the border with Poland, and that soldiers from 18 countries, "including Serbia," are participating.

AFP is reporting that beside Ukraine and the U.S., other countries taking part are Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Canada, Estonia, Georgia, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Britain, Latvia, Estonia, Moldavia, Norway, and Poland.


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