FM: Serbia did not send protest notes over Storm parade

Serbia did not send notes or demarches to some countries over their participation in a parade in Croatia that will mark the 20th anniversary of Operation Storm.

Source: Tanjug

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic made this statement for state broadcaster RTS on Saturday, and added that "Serbia will not gloat" because of those countries' decision to cancel their participation in the military parade.

Dacic added that anyone taking part in the celebration of Operation Storm will "offend Serbia," and noted there was "nothing to celebrate."

He said that the military operation had horrible consequences for the Serb people and repeated that participation in the parade would be seen in Belgrade as "an anti-Serb position."

"We did not send any notes or demarches, some ministers called me to ask if I that's what I really think," revealed Dacic, and added:

"I repeated it as our official position, and I also wish to say there is no gloating in us because they gave up on participating."

According to him, those countries that do sent their soldiers to the celebration "will in that way show their attitude toward the suffering of the Serb people."

RTS noted that some 2,000 Serbs were either killed or went missing during Operation Storm, while 220,000 left their homes.


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