"Attacks on Serbs continue; fear of radical Islamists"

Kosovo Minister of Administration and Local Self-Government Ljubomir Maric says the police in Kosovo are "on the highest level of alertness."

Source: Tanjug

The reason, he explained on Thursday, are "the frequent attacks on Serbs and the fear of radical Islamists."

Maric said that the Kosovo government condemned the attacks on Serbs at its Wednesday's session and demanded increased presence of the local police, faster and more efficient identification and punishment of the perpetrators.

"We will keep insisting on that until we achieve results," Maric told the Radio and Television of Serbia (RTS).

He specified that between 60 and 70 attacks on the Serbs and their property took place since the beginning of the year - 20 attacks occurred in the municipality of Istok, around 25 in Klina and 20 in the municipality of Pec. Also, an ethnic Albanian member of the Kosovo police was recently attacked in Gorazdevac, added Maric and stressed that the authorized institutions, primarily the police of Kosovo, must be more dynamic in their response.

He pointed out that five persons were arrested recently under suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack - poisoning Gracanica Lake, which further increased fear among the Serbs and sparked concern and alarm among ethnic Albanians.

"Police officers now wear bulletproof vests, and vehicle searches have been increased," said Maric, adding that the international institutions have been urged to step up protection of the Serb community.


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