"Serbia-Bosnia relations will be much better in future"

The visit of Bosnia-Herzegovina Presidency members to Serbia is a very important event for both countries, says Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic.

Source: Tanjug

Only mature political talks and dialogue can help build trust and a better future for everyone, the prime minister said in an interview for the Banja Luka, RS-based daily Nezavisne Novine.

According to the daily, unlike a majority of people who believe that the attack on the Serbian prime minister in Potocari on July 11 has aggravated the already fragile relations between Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, Vucic himself claims that the two countries' future relations will not be "measured by the incident"

"Not at all. These relations will be much, much better in the future, you can be sure of it," Vucic said.

The Serbian prime minister believes and wishes to approach the search for a solution to the regional problem with added passion, energy, persistence and strength for the sake of turning toward the future, although the incident in Potocari was very negative and unpleasant for him.

"Just like Bosniaks, Serbs too consider it a major shame for a host to fail showing proper hospitality to the guest, but I also believe that many people would do all in their power to change all that happened there," Vucic said.

Vucic recalled that there can be no economic progress without political stability and announced that the Serbian government would build a school in Srebrenica, a project which will be soon discussed with authorities, "especially with Mayor Camil Durakovic, the Srebrenica mothers, but also with all Serbs and others who live there."


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