Vucic meets with Juncker in Brussels

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic told B92 in Brussels B92 that "we should not engage in conflicts and exchange of hard words, but make peace in the region."

Source: B92

After a meeting with Jean-Claude Juncker on Thursday, Vucic said the EC president "supports Serbia on its European path."

"Juncker is a sincere friend of Serbia, is likely to come to Serbia in October and that says something. What they have understood well here is that Serbia has serious leadership, that the Serbian people behave responsibly and respect the laws of Europe, the laws of economic logic... What they respect us for are our economic reforms and that is recognized by all," said Vucic.

The European Parliament adopted a resolution on Srebrenica yesterday, one day after a British draft was rejected in the Security Council.

"I read that (EP) resolution, I don't agree with all the statements, but the resolution is not of a binding character. It has a certain political significance that we respect," he said, and added that he did not wish to comment on the debate and Croatian MEPs strongly critical statements about Serbia, "for the sake of our people."

Asked whether he spoke about Srebrenica when he met with Angela Merkel on Wednesday, Vucic said "the conversation lasted long," and added:

"She perfectly understands things, unlike many who do not understand, and the greatest responsibility is on us to act as responsible as possible. These are not her words, these are the words of everyone... We should not engage in conflicts, we must take some insults, some harsh words... That is good for us, for our people, our country, good for the other whom we want as friends, and not to be in perpetual conflict."

While in Brussels yesterday, he announced he would attend the July 11 commemorations in Srebrenica.

"Security reason will never be a reason for giving up on what I said. What makes me hurt a little as the Serbian prime minister are the harsh words against Serbia, but then say, what would be a better thing to do? To respond with hard words and curses, to protect the country in that way? Nobody gains anything from that," said Vucic.

As for negotiations with Pristina, he said "a response from Pristina in now awaited."

"Merkel was clear, we accepted a corrected version about the community of Serb municipalities and are awaiting a reply from Pristina. We do not hide anything from the people, we have demonstrated goodwill, commitment and determination, both Merkel and Juncker appreciate that. I told Juncker I am not afraid of serious measures that await us, what I fear for is the preservation of peace and stability in the region," concluded Vucic.


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