President praises Russia as "true, sincere friend"

By vetoing a draft resolution on Srebrenica in the UN Security Council, Russia has shown itself to be Serbia's "true and sincere friend," Tomislav Nikolic says.

Source: Tanjug

"Some countries did not try to proclaim an anathema against Serbs on Wednesday because they had actually committed genocide," the president said in a written statement for the media, adding:

"Serbs were supposed to be punished today because they did not agree to blackmails and ultimatums and because they resisted the pressures to introduce sanctions against Russia and they refuse to compromise their respect for truth and justice."

A terrible crime occurred in Srebrenica which was condemned by entire Serbia, Nikolic underscored, adding that Muslim forces of Bosnia-Herzegovina and jihadists in the area cold-bloodedly executed thousands of Serb children, women and elderly people and completely destroyed 39 Serb villages.

"Nevertheless, the resolution put forth by Great Britain aimed to sentence only one nation, Serb nation, for the only global-scale genocide, no more and no less," Nikolic said, describing as "paradoxical" the attempt to label as genocidal a nation that was targeted by genocide and persecution in World War II and which sacrificed a third of its population during World War I for the sake of peace and freedom of the whole world.

"Even if such a paradoxical decision had been adopted, Serbia would not have been embittered and it would not have taken revenge or nurtured hatred," Nikolic said and noted that Serbia remains committed to reconciliation, peace and stability in the region and strengthening of friendship worldwide.


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