Britain disappointed with UN vote outcome

Britain's Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond expressed disappointment on Wednesday because a British draft resolution on Srebrenica was not adopted by the UN.

Source: Tanjug

“We are disappointed that our resolution to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Srebrenica was vetoed today,” said Hammond, according to the British embassy in Belgrade.

“We had three goals: to commemorate the victims of the genocide in Srebrenica and victims on all sides during the conflict in Bosnia Herzegovina; to appeal for justice for all and reconciliation; and to note the lessons for the UN, of these tragic events,” the British foreign secretary said.

He added that the resolution “did not point fingers of blame nor seek to reopen painful divisions“.

“The failure to adopt this Resolution is a snub to the families of the victims and the survivors of Srebrenica,” said Hammond, noting that “true reconciliation requires facing up to the realities of the past by all sides and determination to learn the lessons for the future”.

“We owe it to all those who lost their lives in the war to work together to help build a safe and prosperous Bosnia Herzegovina,” the British foreign secretary said.


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