President's cabinet says he "stopped resolution"

President Tomislav Nikolic's cabinet has announced that Nikolic, with his diplomatic activity, stopped the British resolution tabled at the UN Security Council.

Source: Beta

His office in this way rejected the criticism of the opposition DS party voiced on Tuesday over Nikolic's decision to send a letter to British Queen Elizabeth II.

The draft resolution on Srebrenica was prepared by Britain.

DS International Secretary Vladimir Todoric yesterday called the letter "a diplomatic scandal which has caused enormous damage to Serbia."

In his response, media coordinator in the Office of the President of Serbia Vuk Fatic said that Nikolic on July 2 sent letters to all heads of member states of the UN Security Council, including the British queen, wishing to inform them why it would not be good if the Council adopted the resolution.

Fatic stated that it was "an untruth" that Nikolic asked Queen Elizabeth that Britain withdraws its draft, and that he instead asked her "to use her authority and point out to the government the complexity and the difficulty of the issue regarding Srebrenica."

"So if nothing else, (she) at least has the right to express her opinion. Even if it is procedural, nevertheless it is not insignificant. No one, and certainly not President Nikolic, asked her to interfere in the work of her government, or anything of the kind," said Fatic's statement carried by the Beta agency.

He also noted that the British queen has session of the so-called Privy Council "in the scope of her jurisdictions," during which she approves regulations and other by-laws of the British government.

"Mr. Todoric, why do you mourn the fate of the resolution, which with his diplomatic activity, the president stopped?" Fatic asked.


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