Vucic: Serbia will support regional commission RECOM

The Serbian government will back the setting up of a regional commission that would determine the number of victims in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

Source: Tanjug

Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic made the statement after a meeting with representatives of the Coalition for RECOM, who advocate for forming the regional commission tasked to establish the facts about the war crimes committed during the wars in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.

The prime minister noted that arriving at the exact number of victims is important for reconciliation in the Western Balkans region, the government's media office said.

“The foundation of the RECOM is in the interest of all post-Yugoslav societies, victims, policies, and particularly in the interest of the generations to come,“ said Coordinator of the Coalition for RECOM Natasa Kandic.

She underlined that instead of numbers, this initiative, with the backing from the governments of the countries of the former Yugoslavia, would ascertain names; instead of speculating about the number of camps and prisons, it would collect data on concrete prison facilities, support the knowledge with facts, and thus ensure that crimes never repeat, reads the release.


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