"Fourth version of British draft unacceptable to Serbia"

A new version of Britain's draft resolution on Srebrenica that has been "additionally softened compared to the third" is unacceptable to Serbian authorities.

Source: Blic

This has been reported by the Belgrade-based daily Blic on Thursday.

"The changes are obvious, more than cosmetic. There has absolutely been movement closer to the Russian (draft) resolution and Serbia's expectations, but not in essential matters. This version, too, is unacceptable," the paper quoted an unnamed source.

This latest version arrived less than 24 hours after Serbia was given the third draft, which FM Ivica Dacic said "did not satisfy justice for all the victims."

According to him, the British drafts represent an attempt to reduce the entire tragedy of the Bosnian war to one event, "that is, to one crime."


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