Nikolic won't attend Srebrenica commemoration - adviser

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic will not travel to Srebrenica, his adviser Ivan Mrkic has said in a statement for the Belgrade-based paper Danas.

Source: Danas, Tanjug

"As we have explained many times, the president would be ready to bow before the Muslim victims in Srebrenica after (Muslim member of Bosnian Presidency) Bakir Izetbegovic did the same (before the Serb victims) in Kravice, Bratunac, and other places," said Mrkic.

Nikolic would be willing to visit, with Izetbegovic, the places where innocent people suffered, "but to differentiate between the victims is not moral, at least from our point of view," the adviser said, when asked if the president's statement that he was "ready to go to Srebrenica meant after all that he was considering going to Bosnia-Herzegovina on that occasion."

This statement was made by the president's press service on Monday, and said Nikolic was ready to pay respects to the victims of the terrible crime in Srebrenica, and along with Bosnian Presidency members, to the victims of all religious affiliations.


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