Russian resolution condemns all crimes, supports Dayton

A draft Russian resolution on Bosnia strongly condemns and deplores the most serious crimes committed during the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia.

Source: Tanjug

The draft submitted to the UN Security Council refers to crimes committed against persons of different ethnic and religious backgrounds.

The document also "voices support for the Dayton Peace Accords, which put an end to the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina," Tanjug reported.

The draft resolution, the facsimile of which was published by Russia's Sputnik news agency, emphasizes the responsibility of the states to prosecute those responsible for genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and other egregious crimes.

It reaffirms the commitment to preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states on the territory of the former Yugoslavia within their internationally recognized borders.

The document calls upon all sides in Bosnia to comply strictly with their obligations under the Dayton/Paris peace agreement of November 10, 1995.

It also reiterates that the primary responsibility for the further successful implementation of the peace agreement lies with the Bosnian authorities themselves.

The draft resolution calls upon Bosniaks (Muslims), Croats and Serbs, as constituent peoples, and all citizens from both entities -the Serb Republic (RS) and the Muslim-Croat Federation (FBiH)- to promote peace, justice, tolerance and reconciliation, based on the peace agreement.


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