Kosovo assembly fails to set up special court for war crimes

The Serb (Srpska) List says the failure to adopt the constitutional amendments on the establishment of a special court in Kosovo was "a missed opportunity."

Source: Tanjug

According to Serb political representatives, it was "an opportunity to show understanding that the Serb victims are worth the investigation and judgment."

The special court should prosecute the crimes committed by the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in Kosov and Metohija.

"A great opportunity has been missed to form a tribunal that would prosecute criminals whose victims await justice in spite of irrefutable evidence," reads a statement signed by Serb List President Aleksandar Jablanovic, issued after the vote on Friday.

Kosovo's parliament failed to adopt constitutional amendments that would pave the way to establishing a special court for the crimes committed by the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army, since there has been no two-third majority support.

A total of 75 MPs voted in favor of the amendments although the number needed was 82, seven were against and two sustained. There were 116 MPs present.

In order for the constitutional amendments to be adopted, they needed to be supported by the votes of two-thirds of the Kosovo parliament members and two-thirds or at least 14 MPs of non-Albanian communities.

The Srpska List members voted for the adoption of the constitutional amendments as well as other MPs of the non-Albanian communities.


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