Dacic denies reports "agreements have been reached" in talks

Ivica Dacic has described as untrue the claims "in the Pristina press" that "everything has already been agreed on" during the Kosovo talks round this week.

Source: Tanjug

The Serbian foreign minister spoke on Thursday to stress that the reports "show that the Pristina side is not serious and responsible" because there was "agreement not to come out with any information yet."

"These claims are not true and the talks continue," he said.

After the talks on Tuesday mediated by EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini, it was agreed to continue the dialogue next week, "but Pristina has the manner of giving information about something being a done deal, and in their interest, imposing the status issue before the essential one, and without asking whether something can function," Dacic remarked during his joint news conference in Belgrade with Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotsias.

As an example, he said that Edita Tahiri, a minister in government in Pristina in charge of the talks, "gave a statement right after the round had finished about genocide over the Albanian people," and described this as also being "not serious and not responsible."

"Well why do you even talk to us? That shows a lack of seriousness and responsibility. If you want to say something, there's a place for that - the meeting," said Dacic.

He added that Tahiri had been invited to speak about the issue of energy, "but then started talking about Serbia losing Kosovo in 1999."

"Mogherini interrupted her and Tahiri was effectively thrown out of the meeting," said the foreign minister, stressing that "the Pristina side has no interest in how the energy system in Kosovo might function - only in who will own it."

"We are constructive and we wish to make our contribution. But we do not allow anyone to address us by raising their voice or finger, like some are trying to," he stated, adding that the Serbian side "will adhere to what Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has stressed," and that is, "constructive dialogue above all else."


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