PM: Serious progress made regarding ZSO

There has been serious progress regarding the Community of Serb Municipalities (ZSO), while energy remains the most difficult topic.

Source: B92

This is the summary of Tuesday's meeting in Brussels between the prime ministers of Serbia and Kosovo, while Aleksandar Vucic told reporters on Wednesday that "the debate yesterday was very useful if difficult," and that it "bridged some differences - above all over the ZSO."

"We achieved serious progress, we agreed not to talk about it. If we start talking, I'm afraid the agreement will fall through. This is what we agreed with high commissioner Mogherini and you see there are no details in our press because only Ivica Dacic, Marko Djuric and I know about it," said Vucic.

But the prime minister recounted in a lively manner the negotiations regarding energy, and Pristina's offer to control the distribution system, while Belgrade would have "a part of the operational system":

"But then they come to you and say - wait, all that belongs to us! And we'll give you some rights. What do you mean, 'it belongs to you'!? Well that's, 'Turks bought it,' the Kec character, whats his name, doesn't matter - they bought it from Kosta or from whoever, I don't want to mix up the names from telecommunications and energy... what do you mean it belongs to the Kosovo state, based on what principle? Where did you read that? Did you think this up yourselves or did you have some help? Well that's all the way back from Badinter's (commission)...Oh since Badinater's... I dont know what else to say. I will not accept that."

Analysts in Belgrade and in Pristina, meanwhile, see the new continuation of the Brussels uncertainty in different ways.

"The positive news when it comes to the whole course of the Brussels process is that it has not been interrupted but that partial progress has been made. It is unrealistic to expect everything to be finished at once. I think the key thing in these negotiations is to make step-by-step progress," said Dejan Vuk Stankovic.

Nedzmedin Spahiju, meanwhile, observed that "the slow dynamic of negotiation is very contentious," and added:

"I think we're losing valuable time bargaining over the things that are important but protraction certainly cost more than solving them in any manner."

The next meeting between premiers Vucic and Mustafa will be held during next week, Vucic confirmed.


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