"One cabinet minister supported Srebrenica declaration"

Minister Zorana Mihajlovic supported a draft resolution on Srebrenica during a cabinet meeting last week, writes a paper.

Source: Danas

According to the Belgrade-based Danas, Jadranka Joksimovic did the same, "but then withdrew her vote and abstained."

Other ministers "voted against" when Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic asked them to individually declare themselves on the draft prepared by Britain

"with the assistance of the U.S. and Holland," said the article.

The newspaper further quoted unnamed source from the government it spoke to, who said there was "no debate, exchange of opinions or polemic," and that "only one of the ministers commented to say that if supporting the resolution was good for the state and the public interest, he would have nothing against, while Aleksandar Vulin declared himself in advance in the sense of offering his full support to the prime minister's position, whatever it was."

Other ministers "declared themselves negatively on the text of the resolution, with no comment," writes Danas, and adds that "this was the reason why the prime minister announced that the government did not support the text of the resolution."

Mihajlovic, who serves as one of Vucic's deputies, "is also the only one so far to declare herself ready to go to Srebrenica with the prime minister," and said on that occasion that "the Serbian government respects its own and others' victims and works on reconciliation in the region."

The daily quoted the same sources as further saying that "nobody asked Serbia to declare itself on the resolution on Srebrenica, so the prime minister's decision to ask the ministers about their opinion and inform the public was somewhat surprising."

The paper said that although the prime minister stressed that Serbia did not ask Russia to veto the resolution at the UN Security council, "the negative declaration on that document in fact represented an informal call to Russia to do so."

The daily added that its research showed that Russia would "certainly veto the document if Serbia declared itself in the sense supporting it" and that Russia would "use the opposition of RS President Milorad Dodik for that act."

The article quotes diplomatic sources who said that "Russia recognized its own interest for confrontation with the EU and America via the resolution on Srebrenica, aware that it is presenting its strength in the current conflict by its influence in the Western Balkans region."


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