Opposition party blasts minister for promising "rewards"

Dusan Vujovic has come under criticism for saying that citizens would be "rewarded for their sacrifice" - when pensions are restored to the previous level.

Source: Tanjug

The opposition Democratic Party (DS) said in a statement on Tuesday that the finance minister's remarks were "devoid of any elementary sensibility toward human lives."

"It would be natural and normal that the elected representative of an institution such as a ministry - since he dares to demonstrate arrogance - shows at least some elementary knowledge of the legal system," said the Democrats, adding that the upcoming 12.5 percent increase of electricity prices "cannot be justified by the alleged rewards that will be handed out by Minister Vujovic."

This party is convinced that neither pensions nor public sector salaries will be returned to the level before the cuts, "nor were the cuts constitutional, since the Constitutional Court does not dare rule on it."

"The minister has no right to arbitrate on a subject known as inalienable rights, and much less to hand out rewards," the DS statement said, and concluded:

"If, as the president of the government says, it is 'embarrassing how good our economic indicators are' - then how come the finance minister is unable to answer one trivial question - why is he once again snatching money away from citizens in order to fill the budget?"


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