German embassy comments on Srebrenica draft

The public debate about a proposed resolution on Srebrenica "shows how difficult it is to establish a common interpretation of history in the Western Balkans."

Source: Beta, Politika

This is what German embassy in Belgrade officials told the daily Politika, when asked to comment on the draft British resolution that should be considered by the UN Security Council on July 7.

"Based on our experience, we know that best prospects for success, in an effort to bring about reconciliation, exists when the center of attention are one's own deeds, and not any possible mistakes in the actions of others," the embassy was quoted as saying when asked about Germany's stance on the resolution.

As stated, "the 20th anniversary of genocide in Srebrenica is an important date and it is not uncommon to mark such anniversaries by adopting resolutions in the Security Council, and an opportunity is also provided int his way to openly face this topic."

"It is important that people in the region, regardless of the war events, actively advocate for reconciliation and peaceful coexistence. In this context, we believe it is an obligation of political leaderships of countries in the region to demonstrate leadership qualities," said the embassy.


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