Hungarians, Austrians to join Serbian police on south border

Joint mobile patrols of Serbian, Hungarian and Austrian police forces will be deployed along the border between Serbia and Macedonia.

Source: Beta

The Beta agency is reporting that this will happen next week.

"On the border between Serbia and Macedonia, as soon as on Monday, along with the Serbian police there will be 20 colleagues from Hungary with four vehicles with the latest thermal imaging cameras," explained the director of the Serbian police, Milorad Veljovic.

He made this statement after a meeting with his Hungarian counterpart Karoly Papp.

According to Vujovic, "about 1,000 people every day wish to enter the territory of Serbia" across the country's borders with Macedonia and Bulgaria - and these migrants then "wish to continue through Hungary to other EU countries."

"This is an extremely serious problem, and as soon as on Monday our teams will work together in this area with colleagues from Austria, and probably also from Germany," said Veljovic.

Veljovic and Papp "concluded that irregular migrants are not only a problem for Serbia and Hungary, but for entire Europe."

The meeting today was initiated by relevant ministers, said Veljovic, adding that "the goal is to send a clear message to the public of Serbia and Hungary and beyond that Serbian and Hungarian police take this problem seriously and are taking measures in order to reduce it to a reasonable level."

Veljovic then "pointed out to the high level of cooperation between the two police forces" and said that the meeting discussed the establishment of joint teams to combat crime, "in which, in the addition to Hungarian, German and Austrian, Serbian police officers will also take part."


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