PM on Haradinaj arrest: "Strange things are happening"

Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has commented on the arrest of Ramush Haradinaj in Slovenia on Wednesday to say that "some strange things are happening."

Source: B92

In a statement for B92, he said this was "the 50th time that Haradinaj was traveling using that same diplomatic passport, and is now being arrested a few days before (Kosovo) negotiations in Brussels."

"Obviously there will be pressure on Serbia, but we are capable of withstanding even much harder days. We are going to Brussels to reach an agreement, and whether we will achieve that, we'll see, it takes two to tango," said Vucic, and added:

"What remains is that huge worry to maintain stability, that is why we must not react impatiently, but also must not allow anyone to humiliate us and trample on us."

"We don't respond fiercely, we don't respond with heavy words, not to what has happened with the building of the wall, not to these accelerated arrests all over Europe. Although I am against conspiracy theories - all this raising of political passions in our country ahead of the arrival of Mrs. Merkel, ahead of the Kosovo dialogue in Brussels, ahead of Srebrenica and the IMF decision.. I believe we will preserve stability," said the prime minister.

Asked to comment on Hungary's announcement it would built a 4-meter-tall fence along its border with Serbia, Vucic said he "does not know how to interpret it," and added:

"I don't see a solution in building a wall, in building a fence. I will have to ask my friend Orban what this is about. Those people are not entering directly from Serbia, they go through many countries before that. We are not to blame, we are a transit country, nobody in Europe is saying we are to blame for anything. We are feeding thousands of these people who are in our country, as international law dictates. I really don't know that this is about, we are not guilty of anything and suddenly, a wall toward Serbia. But, we will find a way to react with dignity, responsibly, seriously, without offending anyone."

He then added that "the message to everyone in the region is that we are forbearing, we are patient, but we will not allow anyone to humiliate us and treat us like a rag."

Vucic was on Wednesday visiting Norway where he met with politicians and took part in the Norway-Serbia Business Forum.

"I believe our interlocutors are pleased with our seriousness. We spoke about all our problems. I no longer have the fear whether or not we will succeed in our economic reforms - in lowering the fiscal deficit, slowly, but surely the economy is improving and we will have excellent results in 2016 and 2017."


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